Tips For Maintaining The Health And Beauty Of The Breasts

The beauty and health of the breasts occupies an important place for women, and here are some tips, my lady, to maintain the health and beauty of the breasts, and to achieve a balance in their size, so that they do not appear large or small, as well as to protect them from sagging and to prevent breast cancer:

Massage the breasts: After the bath it is recommended to gently massage the breasts in circular motions with a natural moisturizer such as olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil to tighten the breasts, moisturize the skin, and maintain the elasticity and suppleness of the breasts. Moisturizing dry skin in minutes.

Maintaining weight: Weight stability is vital in preserving the beauty of the breasts. Weight gain increases the size of the breasts unacceptably, and even when considering the application of a diet to lose weight, this is reflected in the shape of the breasts and they appear to fall flabby, so keep your weight as close as possible to your ideal weight. .

Avoid hot baths: To preserve the beauty of the breasts, avoid hot baths, especially in the winter when temperatures drop, and try to reduce the duration of the bath, because hot water negatively affects the hair, skin and breasts, which leads to sagging and pounding hair.

Direct exposure to the sun: exposure to direct sun without adequate protection with a sunscreen cream harms the breasts because the sun is the first enemy of the skin because it contains ultraviolet rays that harm the skin, lose moisture and vitality, and cause the breasts to sag and fall.

Exercises to enlarge and tighten the breasts: Exercising some sports tips for breast beauty is important to maintain the strength of the muscles of the breasts and increase their size and thus enlarge them naturally and so that the breasts remain raised up.

Moisturizing the breasts: The breasts must be moisturized regularly, just like any other part of the body, to protect the breasts from wrinkles, white lines and falling breasts as a result of skin exposure to dryness. Make sure to moisturize the breasts after each bath with a natural moisturizer. To prevent dry skin in the winter.

Choosing the right bra highlights the beauty of the breasts and shows them in a good and sexy shape.

Correct sitting: Be sure to sit on the sofa or chair properly, where the back is straight and taut and the shoulders straight.

Stimulating blood circulation in the breasts: stimulating blood circulation in the breasts contributes to protecting them and keeping their shape taut and prominent. During the bath you can pour hot water on the breasts with a simple massage with the palms of the hands, then this is to pour cold water on the breasts to stimulate blood circulation and increase blood flow to the chest area This operation helps support the breasts and maintain their shape.

Breast massage: One of the tips to preserve the beauty of the basic breasts is to massage the breasts at regular intervals with one of the oils that nourish the skin and keep it from drying out.

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