Brain Benefits of Beaching Everyone Should Know

Have you ever noticed that being near a lake, river or ocean, an immediate feeling of well-being overwhelms you to the point that you could stay there for hours without consulting your watch? This is because the proximity to water is able to bring us a lot, in terms of psychological well-being.

The universal symbol of tranquility

Why do we feel so serene when we are in a place with large blue spaces? Being in such places indeed has an impact on our mind, since it allows our brain to “rest” and avoid the constant stimulation to which it is exposed on a daily basis. Watching the movement of the water and hearing its trickle can be so relaxing that you become somewhat “hypnotized”. And you should probably know that being in such a state of meditation also boosts creativity and concentration.

The proximity of the sea, lakes, waterfalls, rivers and other waterways not only gives us well-being, but positively and directly affects our brain, according to facts that have been highlighted by several studies made by neuroscientists and psychologists around the world. In fact, Wallace J. Nichols, a specialist in marine biology, has given numerous lectures and has written a book entitled “Blue Mind” about the positive effects that contact with natural aquatic environments could have on our psychology and our health. mental.

the effects it can have on you:

The water brings you into a state of meditation

When you start listening to the sound of the waves, you easily find yourself in a state of meditation since the sound and sight of these waves causes your brain to stop being disturbed and enter a phase of relaxation. So, there is nothing better to get rid of anxiety, stress and depression. It also makes your mind clearer and makes it easier to sleep.

Water brings inspiration and creativity

The state of tranquility that your brain enters when it is in visual and sound contact with water naturally pushes away all those dozens or even hundreds of thoughts that only disturb your mind and bring you nothing but stress and anguish. But once you have moved away from all this negativity, your mind is finally ready to be creative and to delve into existential and spiritual questions.

Water gives a feeling of wonder

This feeling is an essential gear in the functioning of a positive psychology. Admiration naturally gives rise to satisfaction due to the fact that one feels so modest when connected to nature in all of its beauty, purity and vastness.

Water makes physical activity much more beneficial

Anyone who has ever done this will tell you that running along a beach or cycling along a river is nothing like doing it in a noisy city full of pollution. Being in contact with water allows you to benefit more, whether psychologically or physically, from your favorite exercises!

Water is an excellent source of negative ions

The principle of ions and electric charges is well known in the field of psychology. Thus, the positive ions around us are given off by everything that has to do with the electrical devices we use in everyday life, they deplete us and drain our natural energy. Fortunately, negative ions are generated by natural phenomena such as thunderstorms, waves or waterfalls. They also have the effect of improving the absorption of oxygen by the body, increasing the levels of serotonin (the hormone of happiness) and stimulating the brain so that it is more able to to concentrate.

Nothing beats a natural swim

There is nothing better than the proximity to water which is beneficial for you because swimming in the sea or in a lake is really good. Exposing your body to different temperature levels than usual, and feeling the freshness of water, benefits your nervous system and your mental and physical health. Remember, too, that in the summer, bathing in warmer waters can do a lot of good for your muscles and nerves.

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