Foods Rich In Iron To Fight Anemia

Iron is one of the important elements for the health of the body, as iron deficiency leads to many problems, the most important of which is anemia, but why does iron deficiency occur in the blood and what are the causes of iron deficiency in the body? Let’s know the main causes of anemia and iron deficiency:

  • Diet and not eating iron-rich foods.
  • Pregnancy, childbirth and menstrual blood loss.
  • Internal stomach bleeding, which occurs due to stomach ulcers, irritable bowel diseases, or continuous use of painkillers such as aspirin.

The inability of the body to absorb iron due to surgical procedures or some internal disorders.


Liver is one of the most important sources of iron rich in it and contains many vitamins, minerals and amino acids necessary for the body.

Each slice of beef liver contains approximately 5 mg of iron.

Liver is rich in cholesterol and therefore it is best avoided for people who suffer from cardiovascular disease.

Liver is rich in vitamin A, so it is not recommended for pregnant women to use it frequently, as too much vitamin A may cause birth defects for the fetus.


If you are pregnant, have heart disease, or do not like liver, you can rely on red meat.

Red meat is rich in iron, as an ounce contains approximately 1-2 mg of iron.


Eggs are one of the most useful elements, as they contain a large amount of minerals and beneficial elements for the body, the most important of which is iron.

A koi egg yolk contains approximately 6 mg of iron.

Sea ​​food

Seafood is rich in iron, and oysters are among the most important in terms of iron content.

Also, fish such as salmon, tuna, squid, and other fish contain iron that is easily absorbed from the body.

One shellfish contains approximately 4 mg of iron.

Also, seafood is rich in zinc and vitamins, the most important of which is vitamin B12.


Legumes are one of the most important elements rich in iron that you can add for an iron-rich breakfast or an iron-rich lunch.

Beans and beans are rich in iron, as a cup of them contains 3-7 mg of iron.

Soybeans have about 2 mg of iron in half a cup.

A cup of chickpeas will provide you with approximately 5 mg of iron.

Lentils or what is known as the meat of the poor A cup of lentils provides about 6 mg of iron.

Whole grains

One of the foods that should be included in your breakfast and food is to get iron quickly.

Whole grains also contain many fiber, minerals and vitamins.


Leafy greens are a rich source of iron, and spinach is among the best and most iron-rich.

It is recommended to add lemon or elements rich in vitamin C to facilitate the absorption of the iron found in spinach and leafy greens.

What is the amount of iron needed on a daily basis?

  • A man’s body needs 8 mg of iron on a daily basis.
  • On a daily basis, women need 18 mg of iron daily.
  • Pregnant women need 27 mg of iron daily.

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