7 Tips For Relieving Toothache

Particularly difficult to bear, toothaches can disappear during the day and last over time if they are not relieved. The pain is such that the vast majority of us end up resorting to pain relievers or anti-inflammatories before treating the problem at its source. But in view of the possible side effects that can occur, consider homemade solutions instead.

There are several factors that can contribute to your toothache, whether it is your diet, poor oral hygiene, or other indirect reasons. Fortunately, there are methods that can relieve toothache while waiting to see a specialist. Here are some home remedies for immediate and short-term relief. They are therefore far from replacing a formal consultation.

Salt water rinse

The combination of hot water and salt is effective in relieving your pain. mix half a teaspoon of table salt in 250 ml of water. But don’t swallow the solution. You can floss by gently applying it around the painful tooth. This will get rid of any food residue that may be stuck.

Rinsing with hydrogen peroxide

Here you mix equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water. Rinse your mouth thoroughly and then spit out the solution.

A cold compress

If you want to relieve the pain and your cheek has swollen, you can apply an ice pack to it. This is all the more useful if the tooth comes off. It could be an abscess or a formation of pus that is embedded deep in the roots of your tooth. It is possible that this will cause a serious infection of your jaw and other teeth and at the same time cause fever and redness of the gums.


Here is an interesting effect. Researchers believe that ice can stop pain signals in your brain.

To try this solution, grab some ice and hold it in your hand on the same side of your body as your painful area. Then rub the ice between your thumb and forefinger. Do this for 7 minutes or just wait until the area in question is relieved.

Clove oil

Clove oil is known to numb tooth pain. Rub it on the affected area or use the oil by moistening a cotton ball before dabbing it against the tooth and gum.

A mixture of cloves and lemon could also be a good alternative for toothache and more.

Alternative remedies

Be aware before reading the following that the following remedies are not proven to be effective. Some of them, however, could do the trick for a while. Know in any case, that they have no claim to get rid of toothaches. This is only a temporary solution before seeing your dentist.


Here is a safe alternative to try. Chew on a piece of garlic or place it on the aching tooth. You can make this easier by cutting the garlic into small pieces. Garlic is also said to be a grandmother’s recipe more likely to cure toothaches.

Vanilla extract

Due to the alcohol in the vanilla extract, the pain may be relieved for a while. Vanilla contains antioxidants which can help treat toothache. To apply it, you will use a cotton ball on which you will put a small amount before applying it to the painful area.

Peppermint tea

You can opt for a bag of peppermint tea. Your gums and teeth may be relieved. This method is part of another selection of natural remedies that you can consult.

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