6 Effective Tips For Treating Stomach Aches

Gastritis, cramps, heartburn … the stomach remains fragile and can be subject to many ailments. In addition, stress and anxiety can be triggers for some stomach pains. The discomforts associated with digestion can be reduced with natural remedies and simple ways to remedy it.

In the event of recurring stomach aches or nausea, a medical consultation is often required to detect the presence of any pathology. However, sometimes during the holiday season, good food and alcoholic beverages are abused. This results in heartburn, cramps and other digestive problems that often require us to resort to medication for relief. However, there are natural remedies and remedies that are often readily available that can relieve stomach upset and digestive problems. Dr Alexandra Dalu, anti-aging doctor and nutritionist, enlightens us on this subject.

Causes of stomach ache and how to fix them

According to the specialist, several causes can cause stomach upset and affect the quality of digestion. We identify:

  • Cavities which generate salivary juices and intestinal flora of poorer quality. In this case a regular visit to the dentist is essential;
  • Poor chewing of food which can cause pain during digestion. For intestinal comfort, food should arrive in the stomach almost in a liquid state;
  • Tobacco and alcoholic beverages: In addition to their health effects, they increase acidity in the stomach when taken together. The inflammation they cause causes the body to malabsorption of vitamins and nutrients. Fatigue and a weakened immune system follows. It is advisable to stop smoking and reduce the consumption of alcoholic beverages as much as possible;
  • Fast food, including sodas, fried foods, sandwiches, and pizzas, is high in sugar and saturated fat, which are acidic, which in turn causes acidity in the stomach. This results in bloating, heartburn or even a dysfunctional disorder of the intestinal microbiota. The nutritionist recommends promoting a healthy diet based on cooked fruits and vegetables for better intestinal comfort;
  • Snacking between meals prevents the stomach from resting after digestion. It is advisable to space out meal times;
  • Excessive consumption of stimulants such as tea or coffee or certain spices can cause stomach pain. Prefer herbal teas which can only be good for the stomach;
  • Stress is the enemy of the stomach. The annoyances of everyday life sometimes remain on the stomach and the best is to resort to yoga or sophrology to remedy them. Stress management remains the only way to let the stomach relax;
  • Weight gain can create the risk of hiatus hernias, which can be avoided by eliminating overweight and obesity.

What foods and plants to soothe an upset stomach?

Natural herbal or food remedies can also relieve various stomach discomforts. The specialist recommends betting on certain digestive plants in the form of hot infusions such as mint, artichoke or even desmodium, which facilitate drainage and detox.

In addition, grandmother’s remedies are just as easy to relieve pain and put the stomach at rest.

  • Ginger: This is a spice used for pain or heartburn. It is even reputed to be an effective anti-nausea medication according to a study.
  • Anise: appreciated for its digestive properties, anise is a plant that soothes abdominal pain related to digestion. Star anise, also called star anise, consumed as an infusion is also effective after a heavy meal rich in fat. According to a study, anise has been shown to have an anti-ulcer effect and a positive effect on the gastrointestinal system.
  • Green clay: applied as a poultice to the abdomen, it helps reduce stomach cramps. Pour green clay into a bowl and add hot water to it. It’s a matter of making a paste that is neither thick nor watery and you apply it to the stomach as a poultice. It is an ideal natural remedy.

It should be noted, however, that these remedies can in no way replace a medical consultation. It is also advisable to talk to your doctor before using them.

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