3 Exercises To Expand The Airways

The capacities and capacities of the lung differ from one person to another, and external factors such as pollution or smoking also affect them, in addition to various diseases related to the respiratory system, all of this causes some problems in the lung’s ability to carry the largest amount of air during the inhalation process, and this capacity decreases. With age also gradually, which makes the elderly vulnerable to serious complications when contracting respiratory diseases, the most recent of which is the Corona virus, which causes pneumonia. In this article, we devote our discussion of bronchial expansion exercises to enhance the functioning of the lungs and reduce the severity of symptoms of various diseases.

Bronchodilator exercises

The lung is exposed to dust, smoke and some diseases, such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which reduces the efficiency and breadth of the lung, and there are some exercises that help expand the airways, to make your lungs healthier, and revitalize your body completely, such as:

The first exercise

 Breathing with lip tightening This exercise helps the airways remain open for as long as possible, which facilitates the movement of air in the lung, and to do the exercise, follow the following:

  • Stand up straight to help improve lung movement.
  • Breathe deeply and slowly, and control your breathing for a while.
  • Exhale by holding the lips out, and you can hold the lips by rotating them in the kissing position.
  • Be aware that if it took you five seconds to inhale, you should double the time to ten seconds on the exhale.

The second exercise

Diaphragmatic breathing. This exercise helps to strengthen the diaphragm muscles, especially for people with COPD, as the diaphragm muscles do not work very efficiently in this disease. If you want to perform this exercise, you can do so by following these steps:

  • Relax your shoulders as much as possible, and you can sit or lie down.
  • Place one hand on your stomach, breathe for two seconds, then watch your belly rise during that inhale. Make sure that you feel the movement of air in your abdomen, and that it rises above the chest.
  • Exhale for two seconds from your outstretched lips with pressure on your stomach.
  • Repeat this exercise, and each time try to raise your stomach level more than last time.

The third exercise

Progressive breathing. This exercise is suitable for those who feel short of breath during exercise, so step-by-step training will help you reduce respiratory problems that may appear when running or doing cardio exercises, and this exercise relies on switching for a short period between strong and simple training, and to do it follow the following:

  • Start the activity at high speed for a minute.
  • Stop running after a minute, and try to walk for two to three minutes.
  • Just run at high speed for a minute again, then walk slowly for two minutes, and so on.

There are other ways to improve the functioning of the lungs, learn about them in the following lines.

Steam bronchial expansion

You can also inhale hot steam. It helps reduce congestion by helping to dissolve mucus in the event of the flu, and it may reduce the severity of sinusitis symptoms. If you want to inhale the steam, you can do so by following the following steps:

  • Boil some water in a suitable container.
  • Place a towel on the back of your head, and place the bowl about 20 to 30 centimeters away.
  • Start by inhaling the steam, but do not go too close or interact directly with the water.
  • Inhale the steam slowly for at least two to five minutes, but do not allow it to exceed ten minutes.

You can repeat inhalation of steam two to three times a day to reduce the severity of cold and congestion symptoms.

Tips for expanding the airways

You should follow some tips to reduce the damage that may happen to the lung and affect its efficiency and breadth, which are: Avoid smoking and secondhand smoke.

  • Avoid outdoor pollutants as much as possible, such as dust, exhaust, smoke, etc.
  • Use an air filter to reduce environmental pollutants.
  • Always exercise, as it improves circulation and lung efficiency.
  • Eat foods rich in antioxidants, and breathe fresh air outside.
  • Make sure to take the influenza vaccination, the pneumonia vaccination, and other vaccinations that protect against lung infection.

In conclusion, bronchial expansion exercises help improve the breadth of lung work, prevent diseases that affect the respiratory system and relieve their symptoms, you and your family can practice these exercises daily to maintain the health of your lungs in simple cases, but if the matter is serious, you should consult a doctor of course. Maintaining your physical and psychological health, requires you to follow correct daily habits, exercise, and have healthy, balanced meals

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